Hey guys/gals. I'm in the market for a manual 02 WRX Wagon. I test drove one and I love the car. Just need to find one in the right condition, mileage, color, price, etc...

Now to the questions:

I know there's usually a bunch of differences in the model years so are there any model years that are better than others? Better for mods?

What kind of mileage do these cars actually get if you drive conservatively?

What are the first mods that are usually done? Chips available?

Any usual problems that arise?

I'm looking for a car around 40-50k miles. Will there be any big routine maintenance in the near future? When do timing belts/chains need to be changed?

Overall how relaible, nice and fun to drive would you say the WRX's are?

Is the 2002 body style the first year of that generation body?

Any help and/or information is greatly appreciated.

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