first off wassup everyone. right now i own a 2003 nissan se-r spec v. i am thinking alot about trading it in for a wrx. the aftermarket for my car is pretty shady, and im in need of awd turbo powa! now what i would like to know is what should i look for when im out looking at these wrx's? i was lookin some stuff up in the forums on here and it seems like some of the 02 models have the STi short shifter in them already. my purpose for this car would b to mod the bejesus out of it...daily drivin and drag worthy. i love going to the 1/4 tracks. i also read the sticky about first mods...which brings up another question...u guys' staged u get them from the dealership? is 300hp the max for stock internals? i thought i read that somewhere in the forums while i was browsing also. i know i had more ?'s but i cant remember anymore right now. thanks in advance guys.