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    new guy lookin for some advice

    well i finally made the cover of my local paper! not in a good way, though. i previously owned a 1990 toyota supra, one of the few with a 2jz swap...and i was cruisin down a major street downtown when a tractor trailer ran a light, and i happened to be looking for a cd (i know, i know, bad driving move on my part) so here i am on the front of the paper with my supra lodged under a tractor trailer, luckily he was going slow enough that i didn't catch up to the rear wheels. the car was totalled, but actually not too bad off, supras are tanks in case you didn't know. so that's my intro, i'm lookin for a new car, and i camp and rock climb a bunch, so i was really thinkin a 96-98 impreza wagon with an ej20 swap...older car to stay cheap, and i hear the swap isn't too bad, should be around the same challenge as my 2jz swap. so my questions are, is there enough room with the seats down to lay down and camp in the wagon? and how different is the outback from the impreza wagon? are there many modded wagons? could you make a wagon perform very well? from what i know the curb weight is only 2750 pounds, and the suspension geometry is the same as the wrx. i'm a little worried about subaru transmissions, are they really that bad? and anyone know a good place for a used ej20? i know these are a bunch of questions, any help would be great...if anyone lives near st.louis and ever needs car help, my father owns a meineke and we enjoy every customer, especially car guys, give me a buzz 636-288-5575, dan is my name.

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    Welcome to the club, Im glad to hear nobody was seriously hurt. Anyways, if the 2jz was salvageable, you might be able to find a sweet deal on an Lexus SC 300 and do a transplant

    As far as the wagon goes, the swap would go along a lot more smoothly than your 2jz did
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    Welcome, and look around here, lots info floating around!
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    Glad to hear you're ok. Must be bad to make the front of the newspaper. Still got the paper around for a scan?

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