This is a feeler in preparation in the event that my car does not sell, I'm going to be parting out the brakes.

I have 06 WRX brakes currently installed on my car, and I'm looking for some WRX 2 pots + $500 cash. The brakes are in great condition, pads have lots of meat. Installed it less than 5,000 mi ago.

Looking for a local sale, because I have no other brakes and will need to uninstall them and install the 2 pots the same day. Ideal for you pre-06 WRX guys.

I also have 2 pot rears not installed. They're in good condition, with the exception of a little brake fluid messed up the paint on the underside. But you cant see it, as evidenced by the picture:

Can be included in the sale for an additional $400.

I usually post on rs25 and nasioc, and would prefer PM's on there (I rarely check here), but whatever works.