The suspension is a Tein RA, inverted tube setup, you can read about it on

Spring rates are 10k front, 12k rear (also have 8k and 6k springs)
Dampers were just rebuilt last april, less than 4k miles total last year on them.
Revalved for 8k front and 10k rear (work for +/- 2k springs - definitely enough damping for autox and enough to lower it for a bit more comfort on the street)
Rear top plates are not camber plates, just the 'stock' tein ones
"Chris Fenter" front camber/castor plates (really nicely built)
Include 'stock' tein camber plates (can be flipped for castor)

Overall the suspension completely rocks for autox and would be great for road racing I'm sure too. It desperately needed the rebuild last year and drives 100x better with it than it did before.

With limited experience, I placed 2nd at the Milwaukee National Tour in STX last summer - I believe the suspension is what made the difference.

I'm thinking $1500/obo or trades for a full rally suspension (possibly a decent shape used DMS, brand new hotbits, we can talk on that)

PM me here on this site.

Here's pics:

More pics at :