I'm putting this up for sale for 2 reasons. 1st is I got a fix-it ticket (search my posts for the story), 2nd reason is I'm wanting to make my car a bit quieter and need to raise some fundage.

It is a full catback, titanium. It has a resonated rear center section, seen here:

The muffler gives a deep, non-raspy sound that is really nice, but it is fairly loud. The tip measures 4.5" across and angles up. I was trying to find a pic of the car with it on but I couldn't find one. I used stock hangers and it didn't touch the rear bumper but was close.

Overall it is in good shape, only 2 mostly cosmetic things on the muffler. I was on a dirt road with some ruts last weekend and actually scratched the bottom of the muffler, and the front end of it is slightly bent. I don't see any cracks from my inspection, just what I would consider normal wear.

Here's a closeup of the scratches and dent:

I'm going to start at $600/obo, this retailed at $975 new. PM me with offers if you are intersted but please try to be respectful with the lowballing.

I have more pics in a flickr set at :

I will entertain offers of trades for quieter exhausts. I've been eyeing up the Borla Hush or the Stromung but I definitely want 2 smaller tips on whatever I get. I guess a prodrive muffler is another option I'd consider.