Looking to go wingless. Live in the SLC area, but willing to travel reasonable distance.

06 WRX with factory WRX spoiler (Crystal Grey Metallic). Trunk is 100% immaculate show quality. Paint is flawless show quality. Regularly claybarred, glazed/sealed, and waxed with Mothers Pure Carnauba California Gold premium wax ($25 a can)... not the crap "with cleaner" you can buy in Wal-Mart. The paint looks about 2-inches thick.. better than new.

Debadging is played-out and ricey... all the original badging is present

I would expect a wingless trunk of equal (or near) quality. Please, no previously filled holes, debadging, repaints, or poorly-maintained paint.

WRX spoiler is a nice upgrade for a factory wingless WRX if you like the look, without having to buy one, and have it painted.

My interior has gotten to be so outragious (9 autometers, STI F+R seats, aluminum F+R coaxials, bluetooth stereo/mic, Perrin shifter, ext. switches, etc), that I want to counteract it by "toning down" the exterior.

If interested, I can easily be contacted on SLCSUBARU.com (I've advertised there as well), but I will try to check in every so often for PMs here as well.

Thanks in advance.