A new all-racing network channel is about to launch in 2008. It will feature many forms of racing. NASA will have at least 10 hours of 1st-run programming (plus reruns) during 2008. This means that you and/ or your race could be shown on this network (even HPDE will be featured!).

* Open Wheel
* Drag racing
* Rally
* GT
* Touring Car
* Bike Racing (road and off road )
* Karting
* Vintage
* Rallycross
* Sports Cars
* Endurance
* Motocross
* Supermoto
* Off Road/Dirt
* European Truck racing
* UTE racing
* Hill Climb
* Porsche Cup
* Desert
* Speedway
* Adventure
* Historical
* Various Club programs, (Porsche, Corvette, etc)
* Various manufacturer series

However, new networks such as this need help to show that the service provider would gain subscribers. Please take 30 seconds to clink on the link found on this page http://www.theracingnetwork.com, and enter your email address. There is no obligation; this is merely help to get this network on the air. Your email address will not be sold or given out.

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