Headed to High Plains Raceway today for the Porsche club DE event. My Porsche is in Arizona at Vivid getting massive work done to it, so there was no choice on what car to bring. This is the second time I've tracked my STI and the car still amazes me with how good the stock suspension is!

The worst part of the day is the MPG. I got about 3-4 mpg again, which is pretty horrendous. The brakes also gave me a scare a few times trying to slow down from about 115 mph on the straightaway when they just wouldn't bite. I'll definitely be upgrading the pads and rotors once the warranty is up! I had them replaced under warranty 6 weeks ago and added ATE Superblue brake fluid to get better pedal feel. I can usually brake later into corners than most of the Porsches, but that uncertain feel to the brakes can be a little scary.

I wasn't passed all day in almost 2 hours of track time, but passed many Porsches including a couple of 911 Turbos in my run group. The ESP is really set up well for tracking the car and even when it kicked in on hard cornering, it still didn't really do much and was barely noticeable. I turned if off for the last 2 runs and the car didn't feel much different.

I'm probably going to upgrade the suspension to some Whiteline sways and possible some shorter springs and struts to match, and maybe I'll go stage 2 soon too. Stage 1 with the higher flow cat on the new STI isn't too far short of stage 2, so the power is already excellent.