I am doing my first build and I can't seem to find out if I need new cams. From what I have read the stock 2.0 heads make the power fall off at 5k, and new cams can help this. They say that the stock wrx and sti cams are very similar, and just swapping them wont make a difference, and that you should go with 272 cams. I am wondering if sense I am sending my heads to be bored out by EQtuning to match the sti heads will I be fine with the stock wrx cams. The way people are saying that there is very little difference in the cams, shouldn't simulating the sti heads fix the problem? It seems the price difference between the machine work on the heads and new cams is very close so I am hoping that someone can tell me the best route to take, so far I am leaning towards the head work with stock cams which should make the motor as close to a full sti as possible and I could always do cams later on down the road. Or will I have to tear the heads apart and block off oil holes or something like that, sorry Im still learning all this stuff.