WRC adds bonus points for TV stages
By Matt Beer Wednesday, September 8th 2010, 12:57 GMT

Each round of the 2011 World Rally Championship will offer bonus points for the three fastest drivers on a single televised stage, the FIA has announced.

In a new measure agreed at today's World Motor Sport Council meeting, the top three on the selected stage with receive three, two and one additional points respectively.

"Commencing 2011 each World Rally Championship (WRC) event must include one special stage on the final day for the purpose of enhancing television coverage," said an FIA statement.

"The fastest drivers and co-drivers will be awarded additional points (3-2-1) in accordance with the general classification of this stage."

A similar system was previously tried in 1999, when several rallies awarded bonus points for a live TV stage.

In other WRC changes agreed by the WMSC, next year cars will take to stages just one minute apart rather than the two or three minute gaps currently used for the WRC field, and top teams will only be allowed to use two engines per car from round five of the 2011 championship onwards.

The FIA has also announced the creation of a two-wheel-drive category with the Production class, that it will look into adding GT cars to WRC events, and that a new young driver academy programme will be created.

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