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    Cool First Autocross Experience

    Attended my first Auto x event with the Lone Star Region PCA in Houston. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the event was very cooperative in that we all participated by helping run the track by watching corners and calling in cone hits if you weren't in the heat.

    The first heat was for the PCA members, which mostly brought Porsche Cayennes and Carreras, but there were some 80's and 70s 997 turbos, and even a 2010 GT3 (which got really worked over by the owner who decided to drive the coarse in 1st gear)
    There was also a couple super 7s and a Ferarri which was pretty nice.

    After a couple hours of watching there runs, the non members got their turn. There were a few miatas, a couple RX8's, an M3, a 2005 STI, I brought my 08 WRX and my friends brought an 09 WRX, and a '10 G35.

    The coarse was coned out on the Houston Police Academy instructional track which involved a figure 8 patern with several tight corners, slolum straights, and 2 long curves. My first run I had an instructor ride along who basically guided me through the coarse and made sure I didn't make a wrong turn. I did pretty decent for my first go with a time of 101, when the field average was in the low 90's. I had 5 runs with one DNF, but ultimatley my best time was 100.3 with one cone down, so I would have pulled off a 98. The best time of the day was a 68 from a guy in a heavily modified miata, who I'm told was a well known autocross pro. The 2005 STI driver put down some good times in the high 80s. I think with the setup on my car, and some more laps, I probably could have got down to the mid 90's tops, but I'm pretty sure I need wider tires to get it any faster on that track. 08 stock rims are 205, so I might look into getting 225/18s maybe for the new year.

    Otherwise, I had a blast, and I can't wait for my next event, which is a drivers edge coarse at MSR Houston in August.

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    sounds like a lot of fun

    did you take any pics from the event ?
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    That's awesome! I too just participated in my first autoX event this past weekend and intend on competing in another this weekend. What a blast right?! Its a ton of fun!

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