I've done six track days with my wrx. My brake pads last only two days and my tires will probably last only 8. I understand this because the car is heavy. I can also haul groceries with it so it can be excused for the weight.

However, my 4th gear has started to grind and it seems that a six speed is the only way to not keep going through transmissions. BTW I have a stock motor and I double clutch and I have actually never once "launched the car" from a standstill. I have a question about this in the tranny board, but I have basically accepted that the 5 speed is a "wear" item.

The point is, do other expensive things break as often. Is there anyone here with a street driven wrx that has done 20+ days (going fast enough to get tires and pads hot) and can report on reliability? How long do motors last? I realize one day at the track could be bad due to something weird, but I guess I'm asking how often do weird things happen and if nothing weird happens, what's "normal" track wear like?