After waiting for what felt like forever, i finally got my car down to Sepang F1 Circult in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, about 2+ hours (at our speed) to get to from Singapore.

And the VDC. Just like to state that we should all be extremely proud to own a 08 WRX. The VDC is just awesome. The VDC makes the car point into the direction you want!

But anyway, the awesome handling is not only from the VDC. Its the lighter chassis, the wider wheelbase, the great balance in the factory and the VDC that gives our car such great handling. If your car were to slide, it will slide on all 4 wheels easily (w/o vdc input yet). If the awesome balance of the car fails, thats when the VDC kicks in.

The highlight of the day was me getting some driving tips from Denis Lian, a pro driver in Singapore (In the afternoon track session after Courteau and Anticode left). I swear there were some times i thought "thats it. My car's gonna be wrecked by Singapore's finest", but there he goes, with the car firmly stuck to the ground... Inspired, i swear my driving improved significantly after that, just by watching him drive. At least i know what to work on from now on, instead of driving around aimlessly w/o knowing what i'm doing wrong.

Just one example of what a pro driver can do. His top speed on the track, on my car was 193km/h, while mine was 187km/h. This was done simply by going faster around turn 15 and accelerating earlier after turn 15. Awesome stuff.

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Anyway, here are some pictures.

Video of my drive pass.. roughly 170km/h at this point. Car reaches abt 187km/h+ before braking.

Finally getting my ass on the track!

Down the grandstand!

Back to the pits! High oil temp, high water temp...

Finally got some pointers from Denis Lian, one of the few pro drivers in Singapore...

Back from the eye opening experience. "the car can do that?!?!??!"

More pics

What my rims look like at the end of the day.. its all covered by brake dust.

My trip back. Attempted to take pics of my car's topspeed. here it is at about 215km/h, thought not really well taken.

the following photos are taken by my friend.

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