Hi. I bought this used sight unseen and its not really what I'm looking for. I want a full brushguard that protects the entire nose of the car. This one is in great shape, but its just not what I really want. I was misinformed by the seller. He sold it as a Rally Innovations light bar not knowing its technically called a skid gaurd/skid plate. I can text you pics and I should also have pics uploaded soon. Here's a link to the exact one I have for sale:
Mine is black with a brushed finish skid plate. I'm asking $140 plus shipping. I believe that's $100 off what they cost new and as I said this ones in great shape. Im also interested in trades. I would gladly do a partial trade for my skid gaurd plus cash on my end for a more heavy duty brushguard/light bar. If you're looking for something more low profile and sleek then this would be a great option. I'm also looking for a 3" cat back exhaust, brake rotors and pads(new) and 03-08 Forester springs/struts as well as everything else needed for a Forester suspension swap. Thanks for looking! PM me with questions or for my mobile number!