I bought these used a month or Twp ago but I've decided to do more of a rally style build so these gotta go. I'm going to lay all the "bad" things about them out first. Not trying to hide anything or seem dishonest. They were plastidipped by the previous owner in white and the rest needs to be peeled off the back side. They have several scratches and one of them I was told, was dented at the lip and was repaired but I can't tell which one had the work done. You'd never know if I hadn't told you. That being said they all hold air, are straight and in general are !mechanically safe and good to drive on. They have brand new valve stems installed as well. Im asking $400 for the set or will trade for 03-08 Forester springs/struts, 3" cat back exhaust, Cobb AP tuner(V3 SUB-001), 16" snow/all terrain tires, silver, gold and of course cash.

I also have the tires that were mounted on them. I had them removed so I could put a new set on that were slightly narrower and also because one of them is 1/3" out of spec from the other 3. After giving it a lot of thought I would feel confident driving on them and I probably should have never paid to have them dismounted. They're Z rated Fallen Ziex 245/40/ZR17's. I'm asking $230 for the tires. I'll take $550 for both the rims and tires or again, I'll trade for what's listed above. I'm willing to meet anywhere within an hour of Williamsburg only if my asking price is met. Please PM me if you're interested. I won't be checking this thread much so again, PLEASE PM ME IF YOURE INTERESTED. THANK YOU

They look good on a WRX don't they?