[PS: i know this conflicts to some extent with another run set for Hazelton on the 10th]

2nd Annual WRX Club Blue Mountain Fun Run

Plan to join the WRX Club members for a 65 mile cruise through some of the best country roads and valleys of Eastern PA between the Blue Mountain and Chestnut Ridge.

This is a navigated course, which means the lead driver of the run group needs a navigator to follow the tulip diagrams.

I am currently revising last year's course slightly - making small improvements.

A get-to-gether at the local pub will follow the run.

Start location, time and further info. to be sent to people who RSVP. It will not be publicly posted to the forums.

Please browse into WRX Club Website and register using the Join link if you are not already on our mailing list.

If you are on the mailing list then please reply to the email I sent out to all members announcing the event.

Some pics from last year: