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    Angry Horror Story Auto Network Subaru in NY

    Worst dealership EVAR!!! Really long story, but really huge idiots to discribe.

    This is my second Subaru buy and I swear to keep anyone I know away from this dealership. My parents needed a new car, and wanted a wrx. So I thought I coulds help them with a good deal. They live in PA, and I live in Ny state. My fiancee told me that he dealt with a friend who works at Auto Network, and that everyone he knew that bought from him had a positive experience.

    Thursday--Called up an friend of the fiancee because I heard good things about his car sales. Apparently he sold a subarus to a few friends, so I trusted his sales technique. Over the series of a few phone calls, we hammer out the finer details. CGM 05 wrx, auto, no extras. He puts through a credit check and we put down a binding payment of 1k. All of the phone calls during this time are with JUST the friend.

    Friday--Call to double check that everything is ok, once again I ONLY talk to the friend. Make sure insurance has sent over the binder to get car prepped. Car has arrived at the dealership, and the friend says the PDI would be completed by Saturday morning for pickup. We schedule our arrival for 12 noon.

    Saturday--Arrive at the dealership at 11:45am. We (mother, younger brother, and I) get there early, because it takes 1h30m-2h to get home from Ny. My brother has a school event later that afternoon, and needs to get home by 4pm. We think that after all the paper work is taken care off, we sign the contract, look over the car, test drive and leave.

    2 hours should be plenty, right?

    no, wrong.

    We walk in, and the friend greets us. He shows us the car, we sit in it, and check it out. Everything seems kosher. We then go inside, and finalize the insurance part. We take about 30-40 mins. doing this. That's ok, we planned that. The friend then leaves, and introduces us to the finacial manager (Anthony) to figure out payments.

    As we are walking to his cubicle this is the conversation he holds

    "Are you buying a car today?"

    No, we are just here to tap dance in front of your doors. "Uhh, yes"

    "So do plan on taking the car today?"

    Nah, we are just gonna leave it here after we pay for it. "Uhm..yes"

    "So what are you getting? The wrx? Let me show it to you."

    "Yup, a CGm auto. But Uhm, showed it to us at 11:45am"

    "Oh is it that one out there?" *points out bay window*

    I follow to where he is pointing. Now, i own a gda silver wrx, and what he was pointing at was a sti. It's ok to mistake them from the front, but the guy was pointing at the BIG FREAK-OFF WING ON THE REAR END OF THE STI. :huh:

    I told him "Well, if you want to give me a sti for 24,800, I'll take it"

    We had already decieded 6k down cash, rest financed. We were quoted 5.9%apr and below. Suddenly the fiance manager says it will be 8.4% because the second time they ran the credit check some stuff came up they didn't see before. This should have been the 2nd clue to get the hell out.

    He then spends a 1/2 hour trying to convince my mother she needed the extended warranty. Vin etching, alarm, extended warranty was $900. We said no to him three times. Then he tried to lower the price. We said no another 3 times He then gets up to "get the contract". 20 min later we are still sitting in his office, with noone in sight. I get up and find the friend, and ask wth is going on. He says hold on and gets Anthony. He comes back and tells us "2 more minutes". Another 10 min and he comes back and says "Why don't you come out here and I'll set up the contract for you to sign."

    All three of us get up and follow him to the sales floor, he stops in front of the desk to chat with some guys. We stand behind him to see where we can sit. Another minutes passes. He keeps talking. I finally excuse myself and ask him if we should sit anywhere in particular. He says, "Oh no, just sit down where ever you want." *blink blink* Ookkkk.

    10 minutes pass. He finally comes back and says "Ok, uhm, we are having a little trouble with the initial transit plates. Seems the guy with the key to remove them isn't there, so we have to wait about 10 minutes for hims to bring them down from up the street." :huh: FINE, WHATEVER. About 15 min later, we are getting anxious. We figure, hey while we wait, lets pay the deposit, and sign the contract. Too bad Anthony has dissappeared again. I track down the friend and explain, hey we need to get going by 1:30pm, can we sign the contract and pay the deposit while we wait? He apologizes and says he will get Anthony.

    Yes I know we should have left, but we had driven up to Ny state, and at this point had invested so much time into the car there, we felt like we coulnd't leave with out the car.

    Anthony comes back and says, why don't you come with me to the cubicle and you can wait there. My mom says "Well, instead of us just sitting there doing nothing, why don't you take my deposit first, so we can get things moving *hands him the envelope with money*" He stares at her blankly for a minutes, then takes the money like 'oh yea sure sure, if you want'. Cripes, does he NOT WANT OUR FREAKING MONEY?!

    We sit down and wait. Mind you we have heard nothing about the key to unlock the transit plates. We wait even longer for them to bring the contract. Both the friend and the financial manager are GONE. I track them down to a backroom office, stand by the door and ask them again, "Can you please hurry up, we need to get going soon? All we have to do is sign the contract, right?"

    "Yea, yea, two more minutes."

    The friend is trying so hard to salvage the sale, running around telling us what is going on, bringing us insurance forms to sign.

    Anthony shows up saying "Ok, so for the plates it's $300." Us=
    Me: "What are you talking about? I was told AND quoted 24,8 out the door. tax title, reg, plates included."
    Him: "Uhh well yea, but you need to pay the $300 up front for the plates, you can't drive around without them."
    Mom: "Well that's why we got the insurance form, so we could get the temporary plate."
    Him: "Yes, well for the plates themselves there is a $300 fee, because we need to send someone to Pa to get it worked out. With the fee you can fiance it or just pay it, you don't want to finance it, do you?"
    Me: "I don't know what the hell you are talking about, and I refuse to pay $300 for whatever you talking about, go get "

    Friend comes over, and says don't worry about him, I took care of it. He rushes back to Anthony and finally brings us the contract.

    My mom signs one paper, the second, and right before she signs the third, asks to see the second one again to make sure the numbers are the same.

    Remember, I was quoted 24,8 out the door. The contract reads 26k+. I flip out going, what is this? This is not what you quoted me. Friend looks so upset, and reads the contract. The stupid Financial Manager forgot to take off the $1,250 rebate that Subaru is offering.

    I flip out and start ranting, not yelling. Talking about how imcompenet the dealership is, telling everyone about how they are jerking us around, and do they think because we are women we don't know what he is talking about?

    The General Manager comes back with the friend, and apologizes profusely, and thanks us for our patience. He offers us a free oil change through Subaru (yea-woopdie freaking doo). The friend apologizes as well and tells us he will try to get a few more things other than the oil change sent out. NOT ONCE DID THE FINANCIAL MANGER WHO MESSED IT ALL UP COME BACK AND APOLOGIZE OR SAY GOOD BYE. We finally sign the correct forms, grab the car and jet.

    No test drive, no nothing.

    Today my mom calls me. The remote keyless entry does not work. No locking, no unlocking, no nothing. I call the dealership ask for a manger and tell them I bought a new car, and had a horrible experience yesterday. The guy obviously remembers me, and asks if the car was in Pa. (yes it is. After I explain the problem he says this:

    "Well ma'am, if you were closer I would tell you to come in because it seems that they have not programmed the remotes. Now obviously since you are in Pa, you can't so I suggest you go to a local Subaru shop and have them do it there."

    I am so livid I can't speak for a few minutes.

    Him: "Hello?? Ma'am?"
    Him: " Uhm, I apologize.."
    Me: " Don't you check your cars before they go out?!"
    Him: "I uh.."
    Me: "Don't you do a Pre-Delivery Inspection before you sell a car?!"
    Him: Yes.."
    Me: "How can you sell a car that supposedly has had a PDI, when you haven't even PROGRAMMED THE GODDAMN KEYS?!"

    I freak out for a few more minutes, and assure the guy that this is not the last he will hear from me, or SOA.

    Thankfully I have a few friends that work at SOA and SDC. Don't think that I won't be complaining. Yes I know dealerships are individually owned, but a friend informed me that there are ways to get the dealership in trouble, and I will be doing all I can to insure they catch iscraph for this gross negligance on their half.

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    I kinda skimmed it. But damn making u wait that long when you already put a payment down, have the cash in hand and not letting you leave. What they want for you to buy every other possible things, warranty, alarm? Wow, if i was you id say give me the payment back the deals off, thats ridiculos. Well im glad your mom got her car and everything worked out, the keyless remote shouldnt be such a big deal. My suggestion never go back.
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    What is the dealerships website?

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    that sucks, sorry to hear

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    I will def. never EVAR go back again. And anyone who says they will be getting one there, will get a earful from me.

    website: www.autonetworksubaru.com

    :edit:: This is the Bunny fyi d'oh!
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    That totaly sucks, if i have the dealership names right i was going to get a STi there next year. A friend of a friend works there and was going to get me a unbeatable deal. It sucks when you have to deal with people like that. My dad is a car sales man so he tells me what some dealerships try to do on the back end of the sale. With screwing around with people and intrest rates. They tried to pull a fast one on you with that "Oh yea this is the bla bla time we ran your credit, now the rate has gone up because there unsure how safe you are..." Bull **** dealerships work so close with banks they can get you any rate you want down to 1 point somthing. But they keep it as hi as possible to get as much of a kick back as possible. I could go on...
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    Well 24.8 out the door was a great price. I mean working with the friend was fine, it was just the financial manager who messed it all up. Here's a conclusion:


    So I got a phone call from the friend yesterday.My friend told me everytime they were together during the sale he kept saying "Look, if you do this to your own customer, fine, but don't do it to people I know!"He apologized again, and told me that after we left the General Manager took Anthony in the backroom and had at him. The guy is a new FM there, having come from a Toyota dealership two weeks ago. Regardless of wether he was new or not, he should have known better if he had worked in a dealership before.

    After my phone call to the dealership about the remote key not working, the General Manager called the friend first thing Monday morning and explained the situation. They talked it over and decieded that a monetary compensation would help ease things over. I called my mom and we both decieded that it didn't totally smooth over what happened but of course it made it easier to swallow.

    Meh. Final thought--I wish this never happened, but it did. At least with the final apology we feel a little more of that happy feeling you are supposed to have when you buy a new car.

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    That sounds like an aweful experience!! I'm glad you guys caught them before they pulled one on you and ultimately took care of it all. Way to get the word out on that dealership!
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