He's my situation, I have a 2002 wrx with 40k on it and only owned it for 5 months (put 5k on it) and about a month or so ago I have noticed that a light tint (i mean light) of blue comes out with my white smoke as I backup/go forward from the car after it sits over night or after I get off of work and go home. I have always warmed my car up etc. for winter condition so its not I am doing anything out of the ordinary.

I took it in to the dealership about 3 weeks ago after I found out about the problem, they did a oil burn test (check oil every 500 miles to see if any oil was burning/leaking).....nothing came from that, checked out ok..

Took my car back on this past wednesday and a tech explained to me that my half moons at the end of my camshaft was bad and needed replaced (also found traces of oil on left side near cross member), then when I took the car in to get it fixed the "Dealership Subie Specialist" told me they were fine and that all the blue smoke is RESIDUAL OIL VAPOR TURBO...he tried to explain this to me but I am still lost.........Also after car is fully warmed and I put the car into boost (about 10-15 minutes on my commute to work) I can smell oil...I am hoping its just spilled oil burning....Also I have seen smoking coming from hood scoop, lift up hood, theres smoking coming from my downpipe (bosal dp).....asked dealership to check on gaskets...they said its not critical at this time..........CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT HERE b/c my dealership doesnt seem to give two ****s and I am so close to go trade my car in for a 350z
Plz explain the Residual vapor thing and the smoke from dp....I would be greatful