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    Cracked Paint...

    This morning was a bit of a bummer. I recently bought on '04 WRX from Russell Subaru, got a great deal and the guys are a trip, very kewl. Anyway it had a ding in the rear passanger door panel, no big deal they said, just bring it by some wednesday when the "ding man" is here and he'll fix it for you. Well if you can remember every wednesday for the past 2 months it's rained or been xmas eve, so I was finally able to swing by (I live in Potomac now) so I have to sit in the beltway traffic, ugh! Well the guy's doing his thing and crap the paint gets a little crack in it, probably from the cold. So now I have to take it in to the body shop and get repainted. Everything is under warranty and the dealership is awesome, no hassles, just a bummer. Oh well on the plus side it is a damn fun car to drive!

    7000 miles and about time to start some mods. I doubt I'll go too crazy, but I'm looking at a COBB ECU flash and maybe a turboback exhaust.


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    'paintless" dent removal frequently turns into painting your door in the cold. If the dent guy used a heating tool...or even took it into an inside bay it might not have cracked. This depends mostly how deep or "sharp" the dent was. If it was shallow it shouldnt hav mattered...a deep dent though only a couple really good dent guys I know can get them out.

    DentMasters does really good work from my experience. There are a ton of PDR companies around the area though that I have seen good/bad work from. Dentclinic, Dentworks, Dent Terminator, Dingking...well there are many others too.

    It really depends on who is doing it...i have seen guys from each company make a dent disappear...and then another guy from the same company make a dent look worse..

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