Unite the Clans Meet


1. To provide excitement and enthusiasm for the Subaru Challenge.
2. To allow Subaru of America personnel to get an accurate headcount for planning purposes.
3. A meeting of all the Virginia Subaru owners.

I am making this post and purposely calling out all Subaru Owners in the area to include the Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Fairfax groups. There may be several other groups that are still within a comfortable driving distance that have slipped my mind though. Please refresh my memory and I will add your group to the "call out list". It is my hope that since this event is somewhat centrally located, it will draw out the largest Subaru Owner's attendance in Virginia.

The event will start on Sept. 26th at 7pm. The location will be the Sheraton Hotel Park South in Richmond, VA. This event will feature a casual meal, and a great opportunity to meet fellow Subaru owners. It will officially last until 9:30pm. Due to work schedules/driving times, don't feel bad if you will be showing up "fashionably late", just show up! For those so inclined, please feel free to spend the night at the Sheraton. The next day at 8am, we will be going three miles east on Midlothian Turnpike to the Cloverleaf Mall. We will then talk, assist, brag, and cheer on the participants of the Subaru Challenge. The Unite the Clans Meet will officially end around 5:30pm on Saturday, September 27th.

Participation in the Subaru Challenge is for Subaru vehicles only. This is sponsored and paid for by Subaru, so please try to make this a fairly exclusive Subaru event. We all have friends/regulars at our meets that don't have Subarus and they are more than welcome to attend, but please don't advertise this event as some sort of "car show" where every Tom, ****, and Harry will show up.

Event Deadlines:
1. Sept 19th: Hotel reservations after this date are subject to hotel availability. Reserve a room here.
2. Sept 19th: Subaru Challenge sign up deadline. Sign up here.

I will be updating the main post with additional information as it comes in. If you wish to add anything, please PM me for it's inclusion to the main post. If you will be attending please post to the main event forum located via: this link. I will continue to keep an eye on this post, though as I am only be adding to the attendee list on the main post.