Sunday July 27th is the date. Time will be Noon to 2pm. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, this event will take place!

Directions to the Perry Subaru me!

1. This is our parking area.
2. Subaru showroom with cool older Subarus and bathrooms.
3. Old service area, can be used along with showroom in case of rain.

I went by Perry Subaru today and talked to Greg again about the meet. The owners of Perry had some more meetings and smoothed things over for us, so the Perry Meet is back on it's original location for good. I also met two of the Perry brothers today and they are SUPER excited about our meet, and the future of Subaru in Tidewater in general. I broached the idea of "breaking in" their new showroom when it is complete and they were very receptive to that as well.

I also spoke to Ralph, our friendly regional SOA rep via telephone today at the dealership. Ralph is on his way back from Atlanta today with a car load of new Subaru goodies to give out to all the folks that show up to the Perry Meet. He said he didn't have room for the STi suspension for me, but maybe next time.

As far as activities at this meet:

1. Ralph will be everyone's friend as usual by doing drawings for Subaru goodies.

2. There will be a raffle drawing for an AUTOart 1:18 scale Subaru Rally Car.

Cost will be determined by the amount of participants. One ticket per attendee minimum, no maximum purchase. The cost of this limited edition item is $42 and will divided by the amount of tickets sold.

3. Cool photo ops with an old Subaru 360, here is an example of what it looks like:

Here is a funny example of the updated rally version some asshat did online:

4. If their STi is available (black/silver), it will be there for drooling purposes. They will also have an 04 WRX sedan, Sport Wagon, and Turbo Forrester for oogling for those of you that haven't seen them.

5. Carry in food/drink event. I will be bringing a small Weber grill, charcoal, a fairly good sized cooler and ice. Others will be bringing burgers, dogs, brats and buns. There is nothing really elaborate planned so if you only want to bring yourself, that is fine too!

Rules: No alcohol on the Perry Subaru property.

A post-event Pungo cruise and food/drink stopover will bring the Boxer rumble to the country folk. Route will be determined just prior to the event. Since it will be in the country and navigation will be trickier than normal, you may want to bring a co-driver!