And again... back by popular demand!!

The Victory Brewing meet on 11/18 is ON!!

Victory Brewing is in Downingtown, PA about 45-60 min. west of Philly

Everyone that came out for the last meet in Sept. had a very wonderful time. The fun run before hand through Chester County is always amazing!

Pics from the Victory Meet this September...

more pics

Teh Info:

11:00 am meet at Marsh Creek State Park. directions Drive down the road until you see Subies in the parking lot.
11:30 am leave for a fun run through beautiful scenic Chester County
1:30 pm arrive at Victory Brewing for lunch.
2:00 pm seating for lunch
? emerge from the restuarant after enjoying the sweet nectar of life called beer. (there should be some food too.)
? continue Subie talk and fun in the parking lot.

This is a nice place with truely wold class brewing. It will be very fun event to come out and enjoy your day.

Suggestions, comments or questions are welcome. PM me.

The List

1. wrx wagone
2. 04.SPT.WRX