Ok, well, still tryin to sell these. I need to get them outta the garage. Price dropped.

I have a set of 4 18x8.5" 48+ SSR GT2's, silver, no centercaps, wrapped in Kumho MX's. I had them on the car for at most 9 months (mar-possibly oct). Never raced on them, maybe spirited driving once in awhile, but still a good amount of tread. One of the wheels has a very slight bit of curb rash, maybe 2 inches long at most, but only on the edge of the rim. I have pics if anyone is interested. Just shoot me a PM. Originally I was asking $1600 for them, but since I need them gone I'm looking to get $1200 for them... I paid about $2200 for the rims & tires together. I'll entertain any offers, just shoot me a PM.