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    Angry Review of Jeff Wyler Subaru in Cincinnati

    Well. I promised I'd put up reviews of the dealerships I've dealt with so here's the first one.

    First I want to emphasize that this is my opinion of the dealership based on my experiences with them.

    My wife and first I stopped by Jeff Wyler Subaru because it was in an easily accessible location near Forest Fair mall and they had Subarus. We looked around their lot after a shopping trip and liked what we saw so we decided to check back during business hours on Monday the 11th.

    When we arrived we were still undecided about what we were looking for so when an older salesman named Dave approached us and talked with us about their various vehicles everything seemed fine at first. He told us that he was retired and was just doing the car salesman thing to get out of the house. This led us to expect a somewhat more relaxed sales style from him and that's what we got. He showed us the cars in their salesroom and suggested that we return on Saturday (Nov 16th) for a test drive.

    We left and did some more reading and made sure we had info on dealer prices and holdback on the various Subaru models and checked also for values for our 1996 Corolla. (we were still trying to decide if we were going to trade it in or not)

    We stopped by the dealership during the week to quickly check something we hadn't looked at much (rear passenger seating in the WRX) and since Dave wasn't around a younger guy named Rodney showed us where the floor model was. He seemed to be a bit more of a car enthusiast than Dave and was very enthusiastic about us coming in for test drives of various cars on Saturday. On our way out he pointed out a previous model year outback sport to us and said we should check it out also.

    We arrived at the dealership on Saturday the 16th bright and early and were met by Rodney on our way in. We mention the outback to him again and he said he'd grab the keys for that outback so we could test drive it. He said something like, "it's last year's model so we could let you have it for invoice!" We said "sounds good see you outside". He went back inside and Dave appeared and said pretty much the same thing. We said Rodney went to grab the keys and he hurried back inside. We saw them meet inside the glass doors and a quiet discussion ensued with Rodney returning inside. I'm assuming that Dave thought Rodney was trying to steal his customers or something.

    We got in the outback and took it for a test drive. It was a nice enough car but the seats were definitely not as comfortable as the WRX and oddly enough there seemed to be less leg room for my wife in the passenger seat. (She needs to be able to stretch her legs because of knee problems)

    When we got back to the dealership we went inside to their WRX and yes, it WAS much more comfortable so we told Dave we really weren't interested in the outback and asked if we could test drive a WRX next.

    That was where it started to go downhill. He refused to let us test drive one.

    I thought that was a bit odd but we kept talking with him and mentioned that we might be trading in our Corolla so he asked for the keys to go take a look at it.

    We were standing it the glass cubicle at the entrance so we got to watch him. It was odd. He walked out to the outback where I had parked it. Sat down in it and lit up a cigarette! (my wife is REALLY allergic so that REALLY ticked me off ) He then got out and stood with his back to the wind and smoked for a while then walked over to our car, sat down in it, then got back out and came back to us. I'm not sure if he was still smoking when he was in our car but I had steam coming out my ears at this point.

    Now, I'm a quiet guy and I really don’t yell at people so we decided we were going to leave and go watch the Harry Potter 2 matinee once we got our keys back.

    I'm guessing that he didn't know we were watching and was just
    killing time. Anyway, he came walking back and I watched him take my keys and put them in this odd little pocket on the vest he was wearing.

    He came in and we said we were leaving because we weren't interested in the outback. He kept trying to convince us that we wanted that car but we wanted to go to a dealership who'd sell us a WRX at this point. He said something about wanting to talk to his manager to tell him everything was alright or something like that and started off with our keys.

    I stopped him and asked for our keys back and he did the "Oh! These keys?!" thing.

    He then went and talked to his manager. I'm really not sure WHAT he felt he needed to talk with him about.

    Anyway, we waited for him to come back, I'm not sure why, we were just being polite I guess, we'd already said we were leaving. He came back and tried to physically block us from leaving and tried to argue with us about getting that last year outback.

    We thought his behavior was a bit odd for someone "just doing this to get out of the house..."

    We finally got by him and went and watched our movie. I continued to shop around online like I had been doing and I he left a message on our answering machine about us coming back.

    During all this I'd been shopping around online and trying to find out who the other local dealers were and trying to get price quotes. One of the people I'd been emailing with turned out to be the internet sales dealer from Jeff Wyler. The same day that I had this experience there I got an email from her asking if I was still interested in getting a car from them.

    I sent her an email telling her that I had a good quote from someone else and that Dave had really soured us by refusing to even let us test drive the car we were interested in.

    Mandy was very apologetic and offered us $100 over invoice. This was the best deal we'd heard yet so we decided to give them another chance. Stupidly, we assumed that maybe we'd be able to just go in and order a car for the price they told us.

    We went back on Sunday the 24th and met Mandy and got a test drive in a yellow WRX wagon they had on lot. It was much more comfortable and was just a better car overall. (obviously)
    We decided that we'd probably order one so Mandy wrote out by hand on a blank sheet of paper all the costs involved.

    Invoice... check
    destination charge... check
    taxes... check
    doc fee... check
    title ... check
    blueprint fee... $200

    blueprint fee? What is a blueprint fee?

    I asked her and she said it was a fee charged for ordering a new car instead of taking one off the lot.

    She also said they wanted a deposit for $500 to order a car. She specifically did NOT say it was nonrefundable.


    I said I'd give her a call the next day after we slept on things.

    I called her back Monday morning and she asked for my CC number and Social Security number to use for our order.

    Monday evening I told her I'd ordered the car and she was VERY unhappy about this mysterious blueprint fee as it seemed to indicate that Jeff Wyler was going to play games with us and keep jacking up the price.

    About an hour later I received an email from another dealership offering me $300 UNDER invoice w/ no mysterious document fee.

    I tried to send Mandy a few emails but didn't get a reply so I contacted the other dealer and went in and signed papers for a $572 deposit to order a WRX for us.

    The next day when I spoke to Mandy to cancel I told her that the mysterious fee was the deciding factor and that I was expecting my deposit to be credited back if they'd already charged my card.

    She of course, was not very happy and she said she'd check with her management to see if they "could" credit me the deposit back.
    Huh? She said she'd call me back and never did.

    Meanwhile I got a message from someone else with a vehicle on order from Jeff Wyler who had NOT been charged a "blueprint fee".

    I called the next day. Today... the 27th and asked Mandy what was up. She said to call Gene her manager.

    I called Gene and asked what was going on and said I'd never authorized any "nonrefundable deposit". He then proceeded to yell at me and threaten to sue me for triple damages etc etc.

    Frankly, considering that I never signed anything I'm really curious how they can say I authorized a charge to my card at all. Much less the mysterious $500 unrefundable deposit charge to Jeff Wyler Body Shop.

    So that's where I am now. I ordered my car from someplace else and now Jeff Wyler is trying to make $500 dollars on me. I guess I'm wondering if I'm better off suing them to get my deposit back (and possibly my filing fee) or if I should just dispute that unauthorized charge.

    I hate drama.

    So, after having been threatened with a lawsuit if I dispute this credit card charge I can unequivocally say that in my personal opinion Jeff Wyler's car dealerships are places to avoid like the plague. Unless you REALLY like mind games and drama and outright lies.

    Just to clarify:
    Jeff Wyler Subaru Forest Park
    12105 Omniplex Ct.
    Cincinnati, OH 45240

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    what a bad experience...
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    Cincinnati Dealerships

    Your not the first person I've heard badmouth that dealership. Had a friend who was looking at Outbacks and the like, and got a really bad vibe.

    So who in the end did you get your car from? I bought up in Columbus, but I'm still looking for a dealership for service. I think Jeff Wyler just got knocked off my list.

    As far as your credit card - I've been told that unless they get an imprint of your card (like the old carbon copy style forms) with your signature on it, you have legal grounds to dispute the charge. Especially if they don't have anything with your signature on it! Let you credit card company fight this battle, and report the dealership to the Better Business Bureau.

    Anybody have any tips on Cincy area dealerships for service?
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    Wow! Shady, shady shady...
    Aloha, Richard...
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    WOW! That's bizarre!
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    Talking Actually

    Yeah, it all worked out in the end as they are going to just credit my $500 back to my card so I dont need to bother with disputing it.

    I ended up ordering my new Subie through Subaru of Beechmont.
    The Salesman I worked with, Ron Adair, said I could post his number and he'd be happy to do invoice Subaru deals for anyone from Cincy area who says Ed Smith told them to call...

    So, here's the info
    Subaru of Beechmont

    I think these guys move a lot of Subarus so that might be why they were so reasonable.

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    Ed - thank you for the thorough and comprehensive report!
    "I don't think he knows how to give up. His mind and machine are racing as one." -Takahashi Ryosuke

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