Hey guys,

I wanna create another Stewarts meet just like last year in the fall. We had around 25 people, almost filled up the whole parking lot...and for those who were there who can forget the Michael Jackson clone.

But yeah, Stewarts as in the root beer stand, but they also sell food like the grease trucks now soo lots of fatty food!

Where/ When: Saturday May 6th at 7:00pm. Caravan from the Circuit City Parking Lot at 6:45pm.

Heres the address:
59 Main St
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

People attending: Red=NASIOC Blue=TriState Tuners

1. Rallycarperson (+1)
2. aprally
3. BuggeyEYED
4. rexwaggin
5. norexyet (+1)
6. darkmist2k1
7. DeKaP
8. kx02wr
9. Imprezagrl514
10. lethal.adv
11. Porkchop-WRX
12. raykwok
13. Luckie8
14. jimtweet
15. viper2x21 (+4)
16. Keyan
17. netZ
18. Jose13b (+2)
19. ???
20. ???

Feel free to stop by if you have free time...