Hey everyone,
I am selling a tmobile sidekick 1 in perfect condition with charger for 70 dollars. These usually go for around 110 on ebay. This is a steal. It "bolts" on to your existing tmobile plan for 19.99 a month and you get full web-browsing capability(imagine being able to check the forums, view posts and make posts post from your phone all while viewing the pictures, shop on ebay from your phone, and browse the internet). Along with that you get an email account such as yourname@tmail.com, unlimited text messaging incoming and outgoing. This also works as a phone too. This is a steal and I know someone here is going to want this. It has a full QWERTY keypad and syncs online so you can update the device online and on the device itself. AOL mail is also accessible as a free download from tmobile.com also. I am in morris county NJ. If you are interested please email me at malibuwakerep@aol.com or leave me a message on the forums. Any questions also please email me.