For Sale $7,500.00 (Below Kelly Blue Book and NADA and still somewhat NEG)
1999 Dodge Durango SLT (Hunter Green) 4X4

112,000 Miles
5.2L V8 (318ci)
Power Windows
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Leather Seats (Two Tone Silver/Gray)
3rd Row Seating (Seats 7 People)
Front/Rear Air Conditioning (Chaged 8 months ago)
Power Drivers Seat (6 Way Power Seat)
Auto Tinting Rear View Mirror
Fog Lights
Tinted Windows
31inch Tires (Aluminum Rims) With Full Size Spare Tire (Aluminum Rim Also)
Safary Bar (With 2 Off Road Lights With Amber Angle Eyes)(Powder Coated Black)
Brake Light Guards (Powder Coated Black)
Cruise Control
Rear Whiper
Rear Defroster
Overhead Console with Computer
NO RADIO (Sorry I removed my after market HU)

Condition: This truck is my baby and has been well taken care of. The inside is PERFECT. No cracks in the leather at all. I use rich leather cleaner/protector on them all the time. The carpets are spotless. The floormats are in good condition. Nothing a good steam cleaning can't get out. The dash has no scratches or marks at all.

The oil is changed ever 3000 miles using Synthetic Oil and Frame Filer. The Tranny Fluid and filter was changed 1 1/2 years ago. Tires still have an amazing amount of tread on them. The air filter is new. It has a Cold Air Intake with a cone style filter. The engine VERY clean.

The truck has alot of torque and can tow 8500lbs. It also has very good acceleration for a big SUV. Your 4X4 modes are "Part Time 4 Wheel", "Full Time 4 Wheel" and "4 Wheel Low". Part time 4 wheel turns off 4 wheel drive when you don't need it to save on gas. It's the only thing I have used since it works so well. Here in NEPA we get alot of snow and with the 4 wheel drive and the tires there isn't anything I can get through.

Contact Info
Email: Shawn AT Jetton DOT Com
AOL IM: ShawnJetton
Work Phone: 1 800 800-8586 ext1194 (8:30am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri)
Home Phone 570 819-2538
Cell Phone:570 371-1109

I might be trading this in this weekend so if you are thinking about it make a move quick. I would hate to see it on a lot selling for $9000.00 or so.