i have been thinking about getting my windows tinted for a while now. i called a few places and got average prices for around $200 for the back 3 windows and $240 for all of them. I live in the toms river, nj area so if anyone nows other places i can call or that are good let me know. Now something i wanted to add was this..i was at the beach and saw some truck pull up that said "window tiniting" i talked to the guy and this is his deal..he is from las vegas and is in jersey for another month. he quote me with a price of $115 for the back 3 and $150 for everything. He said he does the back window in one piece. He also drives to ur house to do the tint. I think i might go with him for the price but am sccared of his work. Anyway if anyone else is willing to try this with me let me know maybe we can get a deal if we get more then one car done. i think those prices are real good, and he comes to ur house. So anyone else let me know if you want to do it also.