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  1. Yeah, I'm down to meet up. Are there many meets in the area? I'm hoping my car will come in the middle part of september at the latest!
  2. Awesome. Yeah we live like a block from Gregg's. I understand how you feel with the wait. It was killer. Especially because it got here two days after the ETA. But it was so worth the wait!

    This is my first Subaru. I used to have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. Which was a fun car and affordable enough that I could make the payments working part time while at college. I can't wait to have the awd through the rainy seasons though. I'm already in love with the car and I havn't even taken it past 4k rpm!

    Once yours arrives are you planning on going to any Subaru meets in the Seattle area? We will have to meet up and find some up here to go to!
  3. Nice, I've gotten an official "month of October" estimate from Guy Parker at Carter in Shoreline. I'm hoping it gets moved up as yours did. I live at the north end of the lake (Kenmore, Finn Hill area). I actually worked at Gregg's Greenlake Cycles for 5 years on and off through college and saw that you took some pictures of your car very close to there! I now work for an IT sales company in woodinville and can actually afford a desirable car!

    I got the WR blue base level hatch with the upgraded rear view mirror (I hate bright lights blinding me). Aside from that I couldn't justify spending money on additional options.

    The wait is so brutal though, I start thinking about the car and it drives me crazy.
  4. Hey Cameron,

    I also ordered mine through Carter Subaru Shoreline from Joe Spitz. Great overall experience with them! Hope yours goes as smoothly as mine did. A week after a ordered mine, i got an ETA of "Sometime in September". A week after that, my ETA changed to August 17. Joe kept telling me to take the ETA with "a huge grain of salt", saying that they rarely arrive on the actually ETA. He was right. My WRX arrived two days later, on the 19th.

    Ill keep my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully yours will be here sooner than planned! What trim, color, hatch/sedan? Can't wait to see pictures of yours when it gets here. Where abouts in Seattle are you? My wife and I live in the Greenlake area.
  5. Hey Kevin,

    My name is Cameron, I noticed you were from the Seattle area - as am I. I recently ordered a 2011 WRX hatchback and got an estimated delivery of October. I saw in the 2011 WRX thread that you received yours in less than a month from the time of ordering. What was your original delivery estimate?

    By the way I ordered mine from Carter in shoreline.


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