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  1. Like you send in your stock turbo and youll come out with 280AWHP and instaspool.

    Do a search on nasioc.
  2. Hey, sorry I did not reply to you sooner, but I was just reading your message you sent me, about my stock what do you mean by switching it out, literally getting a bigger turbo or modifying the ecu for better boost? Thanks man
  3. I love pretty much everything about my car. :P
    The only thing I dont like is the Subaru syncros in my gearbox and the notorious first gear. >.<

    Big bang for your buck would be to get a cobb accessport.
    If you wanna go faster with instant spool then send your stock TD04 turbo in and get it hot end switched out. Go stage 2 and you should put you at 280WHP with spool at 1750rpm.

    Hope that helped.
  4. Whats going on man, I got a 05 black wrx and I have only a turboback cold air and greddy bov with stock ecu on it. Maybe i could get some feedback on your mods and what you like and dont like on your scooby...Thanks
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