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  1. its an 8cm

    2.5l sinature series block from ron at axis/raw performance, cp forged pistons, upgraded crank and forged rods. 12mm oil pump im not sure what the valve make is but they are forged, hopefully a cam. lookin at a 264 like you said. 850cc injectors cobb V2

    and then just some misc. items

    hopin to see 280-300 at the wheels
  2. I would not go any bigger than the Kelford 264/264 and consider springs and retainers. The Kelfords are a great cam b/c they have more lift than most (i.e. BC cams).

    Another mild cam to consider are the tomei 252s. I don't have an personal experience w/them but have heard good reports.

    Either would be a good match with the Evo3 b/c both are a mild grind and will be fine for a DDer w/added top end.

    Also have you already gotten the evo3? if is it 7cm or 8cm? What are the specs of your build?

    B/c an 8cm exhaust side is the way to go for the 2.5L.
  3. well your opinon seems to be working out..haha. i have an evo III big 16 g

    and i like the kelford. what size would your opinion say to that?
  4. Well my head was just cleaned up a bit and gasket matched along with the Kelford 264/264 cams. You could get a PnP and coat on the heads (i.e. Grimmspeed, Crucial Racing) and that would not hurt.

    However, IMHO "those people" are wrong a good set of mild cams such as 252s or in my case 264s matched with the right sized turbo make for a mean hybrid. I hold 300whp all the way until 7000rpms w/my 18G and I am only running 16PSI, so I have plenty power left on the table. I don't see where my heads are holding me back at this point, maybe if you were you use a much larger turbo (i.e. bigger than 44lb/min/20G).
  5. hey, im doin a hybrid build right now and had a question for you. alot of people keep telling me "just a cam cant get those heads to breathe close to what they need to". when you did the kelford cam, what kind of difference did that make, and if not enough, what else had to be done to make the 2.0 head breathe right one the 2.5 block

    with regards, - josh
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