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Conversation Between STiled and Sinister

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  1. The thing is... the rest of the nation doesn't really use CF's. (Correction Factors). I actually only have about 252hp and 294tq. But when the dyno showed corrected to Sea Level, that's where I got my numbers on the signature.

    I don't know why I don't have as much hp as torque... but in general with the 2.5L, that's how the numbers end up. Usually HP is similar between the 2.0 and 2.5L, and the torque is astronomically higher on the 2.5L vs the 2.0L... I'm surprised you don't. In general, the higher the stroke volume, the higher the torque.

    I've been on 2 different dynos, a dynodynamics, and a dynojet, and they both were right at about the same before the correction factor. Next saturday I'm going for another baseline (free dyno day) and I'll tell you how that ends up if you remind me.
  2. Kevin, my bad on the thread jacking (i wasnt exactly sober )....getting back to topic though, how do you have those type of numbers 293/346? I am almost even at 280/285 and I have a few more mods than you. We both have the same motor and turbo. Do you get better fuel? I can only get 91 octane. what type of dyno gave you these numbers?

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