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Conversation Between STI_KLR and Speedette

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  1. yea it sucks... it's just one thing after another lately. hopefully i'll have my gasket kit tomorrow so i can start putting the motor back together - we'll see how that goes.

    it's just so depressing, ya know? all the work, time, money, and effort i've put into the car the past 2 months only to take another huge blow. it didn't happen back in Fairfax, though, it was here at school at ECU. i don't know what would have been worse lol

    hopefully everything will be together by the time June rolls around. I would definitely like to show off the brand new build at the meet
  2. Dude, Andrew, so sorry to hear about your rims being stolen and your car troubles!!! I've been MIA from the club and I hate coming back and seeing news like that! Especially since it happened in my neck of the woods! (Where'd it happen>!?). I hope everything turns out okay and your car is tip-top for our annual Scoobs for Autism meet! You're going, right? I am!
  3. silly n00bz:

    They usually do them at Kingstowne...but it's a tidbit chilly outside
  4. This is the first i'm hearing of said Home Depot meet! Why are people meeting at Home Depot...last minute Christmas shopping?? I probably won't be able to make it because I'm leaving for Chicago (home) next week, but share the details anyway just in case!
  5. eh y0!?

    are you going to go to the meet at Home Depot Saturday night???
  6. t3h boobz ftw!
  7. your new avatar is only slightly kinky.
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