Photo 3 of 3 from wrx wagon

Photo 3 of 3 from wrx wagon

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04-09-2011, 10:17 AM
wrx wagon
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  1. wwagonluv
    hey where did you get those i lids at?
    hard to find em
  2. speedjunkiez
    i got dem on ebay for 30 i just took dem to paint deir legit
  3. wwagonluv
    nice! how do they fit? did you have to sand it down? great looking wagon btw!
  4. speedjunkiez
    dey fit perfect u just gotta get double sided tape.....if u want dem to match ur car take dem to a shop dey will sand dem down if they need to ...thanks any ideas on wat can i do to the exterior
  5. wwagonluv
    iv been thinkin that it would be cool to see a wagon with finder flares like the sedans, that would make it look super aggressive and sick! thats just an idea, not sure if a sedans quarter panels would fit on a wagon but id like to see that done!
  6. speedjunkiez
    the panels do fit their more wider maybe later on but right now im just worried about engine mods and you have any pics of you wagon
  7. wwagonluv
    just uploaded some older ones i took about 6 months ago not much has changed on the exterior, but what mods do have?
  8. speedjunkiez
    i just got short ram downpipe catback trying to get a tmic and headers but idk which ones too get im not trying to spend dat much
  9. wwagonluv
    yeah i went with a fmic instead of going with a bigger tmic because it takes up so much room and it kinda gets in the way when your working on it but i think it would have been cheaper to stick with the tmic...

    i could use some headers too but my stock ones seem to be working fine at 365whp, so im not sure if there worth getting?
  10. speedjunkiez
    wat mods do u have
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