Conversation Between Speedette and AngelBoy

Conversation Between Speedette and AngelBoy

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  1. hope you find a great deal on your HP Heather! I love my Mac but they're a little overrated.

    Are you still doing Muy Thai? I sprained my ACL studying Aikido, so I'm in the slow process of recovery.

    My son is 4 months old now; he looks like his mom, acts like his dad. He got lucky on that one

    Hope all is well, keep in touch...
  2. Hi Heather! My son is two months old now .....he's taller and heavier than normal, nothing like his daddy! I hops all is well with you and the club...
  3. you laugh at stupid stuff you say all the time? (from the Pho thread)... i swear to you, my wife cracks herself up 24/7 !!

    Wednesday we are inducing our first child, wish us luck, i'm very nervous!
  4. the reason i sold the car was to make some solid investments before the baby is born. now i'm saving for a car again, but i'm more confused than ever! i still love the WRX / STi, but now German cars are starting to appeal to me. I'm just not sure they're worth the money. Patience and time will tell.
  5. thank you Heather! unfortunately i wasn't very nice to the peeps on this board but you are nice enough to say hello. one thing i learned the hard way, it takes time to get your reputation back.

    i got a baby on the way in June..we bought a house....and i sold my Mazda 3 ....who knows? the 2009 WRX / 2010 STi look mighty tasty these days!
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