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  1. I'm doing good.. I'm on, just don't post alot anymore. I have tons going on now a days. I've been working out after work for atleast an hour. Lost 22 pounds since Mid Feb. =) I have the Yellow car and my own car (forester) projects going. The yellow are is almost done and I'm upgrading my forester to forged pistons and bigger turbo, bored my block and took it to a machine shop to have heads cleaned. I have over 170,000 miles on it thing! LOL And so yeah, just lots going on. How are you? Anything new going on? You on face booK? I don't go on myspace but once a month.. LOL

    Miss ya Girlie

  2. HI JEN!!! I don't see you around the Club a whole lot, so I just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing!
  3. You like it like that don't you honey....
  4. Jen makes my mangina tingle! ^_^
  5. Hi Jenn! I'm doing well, thanks for asking! How have you been? I really need to come on teh Club more, I'm so outta the loop! I've just been busy having an outside social life for once and going on edates with my new boo. <3
  6. Hi honey!! how you doing??
  7. I'm training a new girl at work. No, we still have the Yellow beast. Its at another sponsor's shop being fully caged, tubbed and a ford 9" rear end put in it. When they are done, it'll be a full drag car but still street legal. Should be done really soon, end of June or July. =) And for the forester, I won 2 trophies with her a few weekends ago! She'll be on also! We're doing the write up on june 1st, this sunday. I'll keep you posted on that! Also going to being HIN with her in Seattle. =) I'm pretty excited.
  8. Training?! Did you get a new job? What are you doing now? Did you sell the yellow WRX? And how's the Forester (still looks sexy as ever in your avatar!).

    (Meant to post this on your wall the other day, but accidently posted it on my own! Doh! lol)
  9. I've been great! Just not near a computer as much.. only in the evenings due to training at work. Sucks to train and it looks like I'll be doing it again soon! BLAH! Yah, I'm a myspace addict! lol
  10. Hiii Jennn! I haven't seen you around teh Club as much! So I hope you're doing well. I'm always checking out your myspace to see what you're up to.
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