Conversation Between Sinister and Speedette

Conversation Between Sinister and Speedette

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  1. Hahahaha no deal!
  2. U just earned 5 bucks... (I paused and giggled... but still finished reading your message)
  3. Why good sire, of course I be abreast in thee languages of olde! I shant need ye translator of Englishe nor Olde, but I may tip my hat at thee offere!

    (LOL $10 says you didn't make it past "abreast")
  4. I shant! (ask weasel for a definition if you're not fluent in ye olde english)
  5. LOL great reference! And with all the horror remakes they're producing right now, you'll have a lucrative career ahead of you! Just remember us little folks!
  6. Now I realize I've gone about life all wrong! I was meant to be a horror movie star! I'm quitting my job today, leaving school, and headed to Hollywood! See if Justin will let you come be the hot chick running through the sprinklers that gets stabbed in the boob in my first feature film. (::cough cough:: scary movie reference ::cough cough:
  7. LOL inconclusive! Last I knew I was holding a locked door shut and pushing against it with my feet. You shoved a knife through the door and it came <-this-> close to going through my foot!!!! Then I woke up violently and realized I was waaaaay late for work! So weird...I guess it gives true meaning to your screen name!
  8. Lmfao... that's wild!

    Did I succeed??
  9. I had a dream last night that you were trying to kill me with knives. You were chasing me around a big, empty house, and stabbing at me through the doors. I had cuts all over my arms and hands! I don't even recall seeing a picture of you, ever, so it'd be really f'd up if my dream was accurate.

    Apparently I need to lay off the crack before bed LOL.
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