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  1. Try this thread at

    They have a few others that I haven't looked into quite yet. But it's a start.
  2. That sounds great. I'll check around the area and see if there aren't already some. If not... we can start rallying the troops in the area. I know there are quite a few WRX's and STi's in my neighborhood that I see out on the road. My brother-in-law has a 2004 STi. There are also some guys that work in a shop by my work that build exhausts for bikes. They have two STi's. I'll check with them. One of em is a Stage 3. Holy crap he's put a lot of money into that thing (2006).
  3. I think it will be cool if we can get a group event going.....I have done it at Laguna Seca and that was an awesome expirence....but it can be done at Fontana Speedway as well.
  4. I want to but haven't gotten out there yet. I have the carbotech pads now so I just need to get out there to try them. My hubby and I were talking about doing an autocross soon. I'm sure there are plenty of people on here who have done track days with their newer rex's. I'd search for threads on the topic.
  5. What i'm looking forward sometime early next year (winter time) is to track my car.
    Have been able to track your car ? And if you have how did it perform? Was it what you expected?
  6. The gym that I go to after work has a parking lot that is notorious for car thefts. So I use the anti-theft when I go there a couple times a week. Just in case. I haven't had a chance to use the valet mode. But as soon as I do you can bet I'll be using it. I've used the fuel economy one without a lot of difference. The exhaust and stage 2 is where you'll really get a kick in the pants. I love my car!
  7. I'm glad i waited to, but it wasn't easy at all. When I first knew of the new model in April i visited my local dealer and started to ask questions about the car and expected arrival date. They first told me they expected in late June early July of course i was excited and said to myself only two long months.......yeah right!! And of course it did not come in until the end of August 5 months later.

    I will wait until the new verison of the AP is released. Do you find yourself using the different feature for example: anti-theft or the rev limiter?

    Or is it something like its cool to have but you really don't use......
  8. I wish I did but can't say that I do. I've only ever been to the events that Subaru puts on.

    You're lucky you waited till the 2011 came out. I'm pretty jealous of you right now.

    Oh, if you want the AP wait until they come out with the next version. They were taking a survey of what current owners would like to see in the next. It should be a good one since they were asking about an app for your smart phone.
  9. Hi Jenn,

    Do you of any meets in our area?

    I'll be looking out for your WRX........see if i can keep up!
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