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  1. 350whp or 350chp?

    B/c those are very different in terms of what it takes to get there reliably. 350chp you can do with the a bit of money and the right mods. 350whp is goning to cost quite a bit more money.

    You sound like you are fairly young (my name is Chad by the way) so you may be on a buget. So lets start with a few questions...

    What is your realistic budget?
    What shape is the car in maintence wise?
    How many miles on the car?
    Does it have the original suspension (any other mods?), clutch?

    Basically, give me the run down on the car and answer those questions. Then, we can figure out how to best reach your goals for the car. Also, please start reading up...b/c there is SOO much differences b/t a Subaru and a Honda and what used to be the right way is not any more.
  2. aye wsup thanks for the response. well my goal for right now is to reach atleast 350+HP. and im tryna make the car dailydriver that i can bring to the tracks.
    and umm yea gimme the break down on that idea i think it could probably be another option.
    see wat my problem is that i dnt kno much about subarus bcuz all i learned most about was hondas. but subis are so vicious! ahah so i want a subi to be my project bcuz its such a sick car. so im just tryna learn more about it nd how to build it
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