rex7tuner's Album: my past and present

my past and present

just some pics from my past. my favorite projects and my FC along with my new wrx that i love!!
  1. my rx7 back at home
  2. my girl wanted a pink engine lol
  3. Caption
  4. back in the day.
  5. a customers engine i built
  6. 36a7d15c3a6c  1258813033000
  7. 19b9e9f3c855  1258403642000
  8. 9eb1116bdacd  1258813073000
  9. my FC
  10. 100 3302
  11. me and my friend
  12. my lovely girl and my new 'to family' WRX
  13. every guy has to have an arm crossed picture
  14. drove very well from san antonio TX to california!
  15. love the DR-34 rims i got
  16. my girl loving it
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