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  1. Hey Polypoly,

    I was wondering if you might have any good sources where I could go about finding some exhaust parts. I am looking for a used catback (stock if possible) in decent condition. I also need the midpipe with the rear cat on it, used if in good shape or new...but i have decided to go into the Peace Corps and now im leaving the country next winter. So I love the car, but im not gonna be dropping a bunch of money into it right now, I just need it to last. Any help you can send my way would be great.

  2. Hiya,

    From what you said about that bugeye, it seems like a good deal. A few things specifically to watch out for:
    * Make sure it'll pass inspection - borrow an OBD scanner that can check I/M Readiness, make sure it's good.
    * Look around the engine bay for mods. These can be good, can be very bad. The guy's probably taken any he may have had there off anyway, though.
    * Make sure the thing drives okay. Drive it hard. If you're getting boost cut CEL's or hesitations or anything, that's a signal of badly reversed mods.
    * Do a compression/leakdown test. It takes a few minutes if you have the tools.

    One last thing - 100k is getting into the land where you need to think about your timing belt. If it hasn't been done, you will need to do it yourself, as soon as you get the car.

    If everything checks out, I think you've found a keeper, at a decent price. Good luck,
    poly-p man
  3. Hey, Judging by the amount of posts I have seen from you on the car purchasing forum I am sure a lot of people ask you questions. I hope mine doesn't bother you. I am looking at buying (Like most others) an 03 Bugeye. It is completely stock, new clutch, new pads and rotors, new tires, new 02 sensors, has sunroof, tinted windows, silver body, minimal rust, minimal paint wear and scratching, no dents, clean as hell interior.

    We have come to $7,250 right now and its got 116,800 miles on it. Im afraid ill lose out on the deal for good if i push him lower. Any thoughts or input you could give would be greatly appreciated?!

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