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Conversation Between Moclakens and 05WRXWagon16

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  1. Well i have done alot of snow driving to go skiing and it is an amazing snow car.

    But in town just excpect to do a little more cluch work than a normal manual car. But cluches are only 400 dollars and you wont nessesarly need a new one for a long time.
  2. Actually I have another question. I was wondering if your rex is ok for like getting around in im going to be using it in the mountains and in the citys I drive a 93 jeep right now lol its horrible and if I can get by with an 05 and a new exhaust I would rather not spend a fortune for a '06 if you know what I mean. is it noticibly slugish till 2700 or still quick but not super responsive?
  3. ok great thanks man
  4. i would def get a 2006
  5. Yeah I mean I will have enough no matter what but if I dont have to spend it I dont wanna but if you could pick between the '05 or '06 which would you have? and thanks for the help!
  6. Well i love my wagon and i hate to see her go.

    It is true that the 2006 or 2007 2.5L has a much better power curve and from what i have read is a more desirable engine. My 2.0L feels like it has any torque untill 2700 rpm(this makes city driving hard). The only other real differences are headlights and tail ligts and that the newer wrxs(2005 and up) are all controlled by computers, so everything from your heater and fan to your throttle are oporated by servos. That is why i bought a 2004 because they are slightly easyer to work on.

    The only things that i have done to my car were to put in a boost guage and a SR*S cat back. But i am going to be taking that off and selling it becaus it is to loud for my tast(I only bought it because of the price lol).
  7. Hey!
    Im looking for a new wagon and im debating between models like the late '05 and '06 I heard that the '06 has some other upgrades besides the 2.5l i really like both of them alot and I wanted to know how you liked yours and if you have modded it at all.
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