Medic_538's Album: 07 Wrx

07 Wrx

I will show you mine if you show me yours!
  1. Shot of the ass, debadged a bit. Wife actually likes the bookshelf.
  2. Sti muffler....
  3. Going back.....check out the tread on those wheels!! Bring on the snow
  4. tLooks like it was hooked back up to the stock sti exhause
  5. Exhaust coming down
  6. Another shot, same thing really
  7. Sti turbo with what looks to be a custom 3 inch downpipe.
  8. Says APS on there....?
  9. Here is the engine shot, sti intercooler and intake and such
  10. Inside shot, aftermarket heated seats with short throw shifter and momo knob. Not feeling the knob but its good for now.
  11. Side shot, got the new snow tires on... tities!!!
  12. Fresh off the 300+ trip home
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