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  1. I test drove 2 Mini Coopers. The sport and JWC.
    The car handles like a go cart and I like the looks of many parts of the car. It didn't have the power I'm looking for and not enough room in the back seats.
    I do appreciate the high resale and no charge maintenance for 3 years.

    I also tested an Evo X GSR. I found it very powerful, but hated the driver seat that sits so low and no way to adjust height. I don't know if I want it as a daily driver. No question, it's on par with the Sti and will out handle the Subie.

    Also drove MS3. Good power, lots of tons of torque.
    Good handling. I certainly felt every bump on the road.

    I have yet to re-vist a drive on a '09 Wrx, which hopefully will be tomorrow.

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