Kharusi_86's Album: My 2004 JDM WRX STI


This Is My Ride.
2004 JDM WRX STI RHD/LHD Conversion.
Engine : EJ207

Blitz NuR Spec R Cat Back.
Catless Downpipe
Equal Length Headers
Perrin Cold Air Intake
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
PE 800 Injectors
Cusco R Coilovers
HKS Dampening Kit
Ecu Tek ECU
Blitz Boost Controller
  1. The Blitz Itself !!!
  2. @ The Auto Cross Came 2nd, lost a 450WHP Evo 6 Tommi Mackinen Edition
  3. Racing A EVO6 RS Edition.
  4. Close Up Blitz Boost Controller
  5. Mine Right With Only Other Black Sti In Oman, Which Is Stock, 
Pic Shows Stock Vs Blitz Exhaust.
  6. My Ride
  7. Back View Just After Installing The Cat Back
  8. Interior. 
Oil Pressure Gauge Was Being Replaced By Defi..Manufacturer Problem the light kept flickering
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