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here she is

i purchased her june 2010, shot a piston driving it home, purchased a reconditioned engine, blew the headgaskets, claimed on the waranty, got another engine which blew instantly, took the company to court, got all the money back, now shes sat all by herself waiting for me to show her some love.
im currently saving for the work i getting done on her.
  1. 3 inch bell mouthed decat
  2. STI9 Rods wosner Pistons +.5mm
  3. 28012011091
  4. 08042010509
  5. i do not like these lights and they are not my addition. i am after some STI standard lights but wont pay stupid money
  6. EJ20
  7. 30102010894
  8. full Blitz nur spec type R system
  9. BK racing 17inch alloys
  10. 07112010901
  11. 07112010900
  12. 07112010899
  13. camoflage
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