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  1. Just sent you an email with my setup. Two of the last pics are the 'single wall' look, the first one of those being the staggered single wall and the second one of the non-staggered single wall. Mine are "Staggered Double-Wall" and I personally think those are the best. They have a very nice and reflective, 100% Stainless Steel, edge that gives it that 'stock' type look, so you won't draw tooo much attention by the looks of it. But as you can see from the few pics I took of it, the staggered tips look awesome as they align with the curves of the valence perfectly. Double wall have 3" tips, single walls are 3.5", but like i said i think the double look nicer.
  2. also are ur single wall or double what's the difference
  3. Send me your email address so I can send them to you from my iPhone. And yes man in my opinion, you definitely want the staggered look. Guys at my subaru dealership complimented me on them and said it looks mean with the new pipes haha
  4. yea can u send me pics please! what kind do u have atm?
    i saw that they recommend the double wall stagger ?
  5. Hey man, heres a link for the Nameless Performance online store, and another link to my youtube video comparing stock to the NP axleback.

    Nameless Performance Inc. Store

    2011 WRX Nameless Performance Axleback Exhaust - YouTube

    I absolutely love the sound, it has such a nice rumble to it. The best thing about it, is that there is absolutely NO DRONE. Cruising on the highway, it's actually probably quieter than stock, but whenever you hit the gas pedal, even when accelerating slowly, then you get that deep bassy rumble. It sounds raw but also controlled. You will become addicted to the gas pedal :P

    Quality of the pipes are amazing, John over at Nameless does fantastic welding. Fitment was perfect, install took ~20 mins, including taking off the old exhausts, and they look fantastic. When I wash the car in a day or two, I'll send you pics if you'd like.
  6. hey where did u buy the nameless axle back exhaust at? can you link also how do u like the sound
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