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  1. Ooops, forgot about that. I've been banned on NASIOC so I haven't been following it. Call the number on his site after 6:30 PM and see if there is an open spot.

    I've been out of the local import scene for a few years now. Much of the time the hang out spot is at AWDTuning anways I could give you old locales, but I'm pretty sure people have moved on since then.
  2. yea i just looked on and they are coming here to Houston this weekend so Im going to see if i can get a hold of him. Hopefully he can tune my car....

    oh and I meant is there any places that Imports hang out at.....
  3. His labor is inexpensive, he knows what he's doing, and he's not happy unless you leave happy. And I'd call him ASAP. He books up rather quickly, so this weekend might not be available .

    Not sure what you mean by chill spots.
  4. hey so whats up w/ that awd tunning in Dallas? I'm fixing to call a guy named Keith up there to maybe set up an appointment for this weekend? Any good things about them? oh and if i do go up there, where are the spots to chill out at?
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