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  1. Sup aj. Ok so I disconected it and it is just a pinch less hessitation but it is still present. When I put down the foot I feel it hesitate but less. What about the other o2 sensor could both be bad?? I'm gonna try tapping the maf now I'll let you know to see if it changes the idle. I did run the car for just a bit with the harness disconected but like I said I only felt just a little bit less hesitation. Idk!! Mabey I should ask my buddy to burn it. Hahaha!!
  2. Hey aj. Can I disconect the harness to the front 02 sensor to see if it will not jerk. I just don't want to buy the sensor and that not be it. Like I said I spent way to much money already. Thank you sir!!
  3. Hey bro long time huh!! Hey i'm still having problems with the jerking between 2000-3000 rpm. I read in a post somwere that the guy had a bad o2 sensor the front one. And he didn't throw a cell. Could that be the case with me. There is no cel. How can I check to see I everything is cool with the o2 sensor. Can I check it with my accessport. I just don't want to buy a sensor if it's not bad!! I already spent like 2grand trying to find it. I'm so fed up with it. Should I try to clean it??!! Thanx man sorry for bugging you!! I changed the filter and it was good for a couple of days but then the problem started again. Thanx again!!
  4. Hey aj I noticed something odd today after work idont know if I'm triping out. I put in a turbo xs tmic and put my strut bar back on (was a ***** to put back on) lol

    As soon as I put it back on there was lots of vibration all over the car. I have the cusco motor and tranny mount but it really felt tight after the strut bar. Well n e ways it just felt tight so I look under the car and the oil pan is vibrating alot. Is that normal?? Or am I trippin out ??Oh the vibration was there before the txs tmic but when I put the txs ic and finally strapped that strut bar man I could really feel the vibrations. I mean that strut bar is tight!!!! Thanx aj
  5. Yeah you are right like always bro!!! I will do that cuz I did get the fuel pump after it got tuned and I haven't gotten that tuned in it!! Ok bro have a good day and let me know if you get a new toy for your car. The aem sounds nice too!! I dunno I might get crazy and copy you aem set up!! Lol. Man it's just that those 750.00 are burning a hole in my pocket!! Hahaha.
  6. Hey bro sup man. I'm here to bug you again lol!! If I get my front mount ic now how much lag am I looking at? Is it gonna be very noticable. Cuz I'm gonna get the turbo but not for a while and if I do get the ic I'm gonna get it tuned right away!! What do you think bro. I got 750.00 to spend on my car. I looke at turbo x fmic and they look ok. What would aj do with the 750.00!! Lol!
  7. That's freaking cool 600hp wow!! Well I herd that if somthing goes wrong with the aem it could be really bad for you motor so is that true. If not I would go with the aem!! So on the turbo what do you think is good I want somthing more tame. I would like to get no more than 400hp. That would be good enough for me. So what turbo and injectors are good and tamed!! Thanx bro for all your help!!
  8. Oh hey bro I forgot to ad that I was looking at the aquamist. What do you think about that system or the aem meth system!! Any advise what will give me more Power out of all those mods. Thanks man sorry to bug you just the person to ask!!
  9. How you doing sir?? I know people ask this question all the time but I want to know what you think I know you know this cars very well.

    I want to get a better intercooler but debating tmic or fmic. I am going to get injectors and turbo but not for a while. And I'm not going to be running lots of horse power just enough to get a couple more power.

    So in your opinion what would you use?? Oh and what injectors and turbo you recomend. I don't want to get a big ass turbo like a 35 somthing smaller. Cuz you know we got stupid smog over in Cali! Sux!! Thanx man preciated!!
  10. hmmm..other mods...are you solely speaking of performance/power mods excluding suspension, exterior,interior etc etc...I just put an AEM water/methanol kit in my WRX...For the amount of power increase it seems like the best bang for your buck to me....granted the downside to it is if your tuned for it and the system fails you run a high risk of damaging your motor...I have yet to turn mine on...I'm going to start out with the smallest jet ( I should be using the and run straight distilled water ( I should be running 50/50 water/meth)..and watch my AFR's..and see If I can notice any difference in power...Im quite hesitant to tune for it fore the last thing I need in a fresh motor is a burned valve/ sorry...You could look into water/meth injection..maybe a slightly larger TMIC....
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